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Chef Zeb Stevenson and Ross Jones are excited to have you as guests at Redbird. The two first met when Zeb became the head chef at Watershed, formerly owned by Ross and Indigo Girls’ Emily Saliers. When Zeb arrived on the scene, he and Ross quickly became friends and developed a strong professional relationship based on their shared enthusiasm for excellent food, wine and hospitality. It was this alliance that led Zeb and Ross to team-up and open Redbird, an expression of their mutual desire to create a free-spirited environment that encourages everyone to work from a place of inspiration, thoughtfulness and purpose. An approach they believe creates a connection between food and guest for a fun, tasty and happy dining experience. The name Redbird is deeply personal to Zeb and Ross and comes from a fascination the two have with cardinals. To them, the redbird represents strength, great energy and enthusiasm which is at the heart of this exciting new restaurant.


Redbird offers a fun, lively and comfortable atmosphere with a come as you are sensibility. The restaurant is designed to serve guests the way they want to eat most frequently - casually with friends, with delicious food to share and  excellent beer, cocktails and wine selections. 

The space boasts enormous windows allowing lots of natural light, along with impressive views of the district and Midtown Atlanta. You can take in the views at our spacious bar or enjoy outdoor dining on the courtyard terrace. Chef Zeb wanted to be able to see each guest dining at Redbird, so he designed the kitchen to be visible from every seat in the house. There is also an intimate eight-seat kitchen counter for guests who want a front-row dining experience.


The food at Redbird is what Chef Zeb characterizes as “free spirited cuisine," a thoughtful and open-hearted way of cooking where anything is possible. It is based on instinct, integrity and staying loyal to using only the best ingredients. Zeb's philosophy is clear: let the ingredients drive the cooking, use great technique and keep things simple.

To complement the cuisine at Redbird, the wine list focuses exclusively on family-owned and small artisan wineries that are pushing the boundaries in excellence. The expansive bar also offers premium spirits and craft beers from around the world.